Monday, November 22

i'll call it project z

because i'm a sucker for my english name.
no worries,
the title does not matter much
what does matter is that i stick to this project day after day.
that i commit
that i persevere

and one day long after this one
i will click on the label "project z"
and there will be tens of hundreds of posts
very impressive.
i shall be happy
teeming with glee

Project Z is a daily research on a certain subject.
the subject should not be too broad
not least because it would be hard on myself,
but for the longevity of the said project.

why volunteering to the point of creating such a time consuming project?
because what time isn't consumed in it will be hurled into a black hole
it will be wasted in something like, oh i don't know
something like schoolwork i guess
i'm just very unsure of myself. ok?
where the project will lead - no idea.
so lets start
it's all very exciting!
to embark on a meaningless mapless journey
doesn't get much better.

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