Tuesday, September 28

looking for the best magazine articles

i've been at it like an addict.
i've been trying to hunt down the best magazine articles available on the internet
and i've been trying to do this by searching lists.
lists -
lists with names like "Top 25 magazine articles of the decade", "The best magazine articles ever",
and so on and so forth.

it was ugly.
it was aggravating, frustrating, annoyingly time-consuming.
and it all boiled down to this :

after god knows how many columns, essays, and specials
of god knows how many journals, weeklies, and monthlies,
in god knows how many 'best', 'top', and 'greatest' lists,
i was futile.
i was angry - very very angry.
i didn't like this.

but then i did.
i thought about the situation, and was relieved.
i was relieved,
because what I yearned for wasn't something compiled in a common list.
it wasn't something so easy to find
which means I'm looking for something extraordinary, something magnificent
which means I've got high standards,
which means I am not mediocre.

and when I find something satisfying, something that can quench this thirst,
I will hold it up in the air
and it will be a jem.
it will be a beautiful thing,
something so much more than a mere line on some cheap list.

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