Tuesday, July 20

All the Shitty happenings for the day

1. I woke up late
2. I woke up realizing I hadn't brushed my teeth the night before.
3. I woke up realizing my MacBook was still on
4. I woke up with sweat
5. I replied to a text message, and nothing came back.
6. I called my student but her cellphone was off.
7. I ran to the bus stop but I missed the bus.
8. My teeth were still a bit yellow.
9. Damn near all the red lights caught the bus.
10. They didn't sell Cafe Mocha.
11. The kid wouldn't really concentrate on the podcast.
12. The kid talked too much.
13. I couldn't find a deserted, dark place to smoke in peace so I wandered around.
14. Thought I was lucky when the bus came quickly, but turned out I was going in the wrong direction.
15. Waited like 30 minutes for the bus.
16. Left my Macbook on the bus.****

but the worst happenings for today..
한강에미친가고싶었는데 아무렇지않은듯 상대가 무산시켰다
같이등교하쟀는데 아빠가 밤샘은 반대한다그랬다
마지막희망으로 책교환이나할라그랬는데 문자도 씹고 전화도 안받아


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