Sunday, July 18

i wish i had a better blog title

I really do. I wish I had a more simple, symbolic, daunting title. It doesn't matter, though; what's really important is what comes after the title.

This is my commencement of a new start. Everything will be different. Everything will be okay. I will get things done, keep promises, and get busy. I will not break down. I will not cry in absurd circumstances. I will not abuse my fist. I will not abuse my mind. I will not be overly irrational, impulsive, or rejective. I will try to accept, understand. I will work hard to work hard. I will carry out my duties. I will be fine.

I can't talk. There is nobody to talk to, but that's okay - I have this empty lot of cyberspace to write into. It actually may be the best form of therapy yet. I am scared to openly discuss my problems. There are so many. And each one, so severe. Yet conversation and reflection is crucial for any hope of recovery. Since no actual person can reciprocate, I am typing on a keyboard - and it suits me well.

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