Tuesday, July 20

but i was looking forward to it

Thump!! A tree has fallen to the ground. Thump!! tickles the airwaves, producing sound and gushes of wind. An imprint is made in the soil. Certain bugs wiggle under the giant tree that has fallen. Certain animals dash in surprise. But there is no witness. There is nobody to recognize the fall of this certain tree. Not a single soul in the world knows, and yet - it has inevitably happened. This fact alone is enough for a meaningful change.

I just think this has to be said.
You won't ever see this post, and we will never discuss this face to face, but nevertheless -
I think this has to be said.

I was throughly disappointed, no, mad at you today.
I still am.
Lingering emotions. And they will linger for long.
If you had volunteer work scheduled for the night, and there was a possibility that you may not be able to meet me afterwards, why the hell did you insist on an appointment?
And if the possibility was not mentioned beforehand, why the hell couldn't you bust out? You could've explained you had plans. Which would've been true.
But what, you don't think our plans were important? This isn't the first time.
The thing that gets me is that you don't even say you're sorry.

뭐? 어제도 막차놓져서 오늘은 일찍 들어가야된다고?
아오그럼난뭐니만나다가 차놓지면 엄마가잘했다고칭찬해주는줄알아?
그렇게좋은걸망가뜨려서 난니가싫어. 정말이야.

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